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YOWhatsApp is a modified messaging application based on the original version of WhatsApp. With the YOWhatsApp, you can send larger files to your friends, optimize the application interface, or even set a password for the application. If you want to have these functions in your WhatsApp and many more, you have to download the YOWhatsApp APK for Android.

What is YOWhatsApp APK for Android?

It is a material-designed mod, which provides a variety of features compared to the official one, including customization, themes, change styles, app blocking, chat blocking, PRIVACY mods, Anti-Ban, and much more!

YOWhatsApp APK

Yo WhatsApp Updated for Android is a top-rated MOD app developed by Yousef Al-Basha It is named YoWa Apk and started to be used by many Android smartphone owners just after a few months of launch. YoWa Yousef YoWhatsApp is the Modified version of the official WhatsApp. It is loaded with many additional features that you have never seen in its official WhatsApp app. The Yo WhatsApp is much like the GBWhatsApp, but it’s still much better than him. No other modified app can turn out to be better than this fantastic app. Day by day, it’s getting more searched in on searches, which shows how fast it’s growing.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application today.

The level of new WhatsApp updates has not satisfied people in terms of functions and utilities, creating myriad opportunities for developers to offer news to increase the power of social networks.

WhatsApp is an excellent example if you are looking for alternative applications to satisfy what the original product has not done yet. The most exciting applications are WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, or this WhatsApp (YoWA).

What are the features of YoWhatsApp APK?

App Name





51.6 MB

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Android 4.0 and higher

Last Update

03 Dec, 2021

First of all, we must add the possibility of improving the personal protection of users. Download YOWhatsApp and customize everything present in the application.

For example: select the list of people who can call you, hide the statuses that you do not want people outside of you to follow.

By downloading YOWhatsApp, you will have: Hidden chats, dynamic themes, animated stickers, up to 8 people per video call, dark mode support, delete your last view, translation of the conversation text, anti-ban, hide the status of the idea, Etc.

YoWhatsApp is used by regular users of the original application, who think or believe that it could work better if the developers included other functions.

In other words, it is a reliable alternative to continue enjoying the instant messaging service, but without forgetting new features.

Speaking of the specific uses and the possibilities they provide, many users had already asked the official company (for which there was no response) and other innovators of the YoWa stand out.


The widely adjustable and optimized privacy settings (unlike the original app) are one of the main reasons for its use.

Thanks to it, any user can remove the message delivery report and ultimately hide their connection status, whether they write or are online.

The calls

YoWhatsapp has an additional setting to block specific calls and video calls according to their wishes.

It is considered as a filter, which limits incoming calls from specific numbers but without affecting the contact list in any way.

Chats without labels

This setting is perfect for users who want to keep the contact name of the people they speak to secret.

Since it will not be visible, even when the chat is kept open, it is an additional adjustment and has been very well received.

More topics

As in other mods, this one preserves and has many unlimited themes, which Can use in the application.

Admitting the personalization and individualization of each conversation, having a wide possibility of choosing and applying wallpapers.

Chat protection

By installing this extension, you can protect any conversation within the app. How? Thanks to its assignment of various security systems, passwords, and fingerprint detection stand out.

Share everything

Another way to use YoWa, which is very useful, is to share files of all types and sizes.

Is YOWhatsApp safe?

As mentioned above, you can get banned from WhatsApp when using a modified version of the app. Raised other security concerns earlier, as if your messages are encrypted or not. Another question is whether the application is communicating with external servers (which it appears to be).

Also, YOWhatsApp APK does not receive official updates from the Play Store unless developers mirror these updates in their software. These updates are essential to protect the application against cyber attacks.

To counteract the points discussed above, hundreds of thousands of people have already tried YOWhatsApp without mentioning any inconvenience. It seems to suggest that this app is safe. You’re potentially giving out some information or allowing ads to appear here and there, but that’s not likely to cause much anguish (at least not in the short term).

We would say that, overall, the app is relatively safe to use. If you are a tech enthusiast who wants to try out new features and be off the curve, using YOWhatsApp APK will be much fun for you.

How to add stickers to YoWhatsApp?

First of all, you need to update YoWhatsApp to the latest version. First, go to your chat screen and select the emoji icon. Here, you need to select the + from your sticker options. You can add any sticker pack from any other third-party app you have downloaded.

As long as you’ve already created a sticker or your sticker pack, the latest version of YoWhatsApp can add them.

How to unhide a hidden conversation on YoWhatsApp?

To unhide a hidden conversation, you need to access your privacy screen. From there, you can view your message logs and find all indistinct conversations. From this point on, you can choose to unhide any hidden discussions.

Final Words

So you can download the updated YOWhatsApp APK. If you wonder which app is better YOWhatsApp or GBWhatsApp? Better not compare them, since these two applications; In essence, the developers always want to offer the best user experience. They always strive to optimize their most stable applications.

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