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WhatsApp Aero APK Download v18.40 Official 2022 (Updated)

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It is one of the WhatsApp mods with a more recent view and many modifications. Mainly, it attracts users’ attention since it makes it possible to customize the application’s appearance fully.

This WhatsApp Aero mod also has many other functions that make its use more attractive.

What is WhatsApp Aero used?

The WhatsApp Aero mod has multiple functions. Which differentiate it from other mods, giving the user unlimited ways to use it.

Among its primary functions, we get that it has the option of dark mode. Which helps save the battery and provide the eye when using the mobile phone in a place with poor lighting.

But what attracts the attention of WhatsApp Aero is the vast number of forms of customization that it has, from backgrounds to the most miniature icons.

WhatsApp Aero APK

General customization

Regarding the appearance, it has excellent possibilities of change and identification, since, in the settings. You will be able to get the category of “themes”, where you have ten themes of different colours available.

In addition, you will get the “Universal” option, from where you can change the colours of the different sections (background, status bar, navigation bar, among others).

Likewise, you will be able to change the appearance or style. Which includes among its options the variant of emojis, font style, icons and notification icon.

On the other hand, when you enter the “main screen” option, you will find a way to change the appearance to the top bar.

Likewise, here you will find other options such as activate Instagram style, separate chats and groups, deactivate Info and show Day / Night mode, show aeroplane mode icon, hide search icon, unread message counter, and among other variety of options that you can activate or deactivate according to your preferences.

There is also the option “put my name”, which is about changes “WhatsApp” by the user’s name on the main screen.

In addition to customizing the top bar. It also makes it possible to customize the floating button, from changing its colour and appearance to deactivating it.

And these are just a few of the many look and colour change options.


You can activate or deactivate multiple functions from this option, such as view status, contact alert tones, alert duration, alert position, text colour, and background colour.

Also, from here, you can change the icons of a new chat, camera, Day / Night, search, and many other options.

As for the appearance of the message and tick bubbles, you can also change the style of views and the type and colour of the bubbles. And among these options, you will also be able to change the icons of the deleted messages.


Within this option, it is possible to activate the display of the contact’s photo in the chat. Which shows the participant’s photo in all messages. As well as in groups where the image of each participant will be shown with their message. In turn, you will have the freedom to choose the size of these photos and the location of the image. Thus choosing that the image is display in the first, last or all messages.

How to install WhatsApp Aero?

The first thing to do to install WhatsApp Aero for Android. If you have the original version of the application. Is to open the app and go to “settings”, then “chats” and select the “backup” option and save it. It is so that it is possible to use the same information in WhatsApp Aero.

Now, to download WhatsApp Aero for free. It is necessary to enter the download link first to obtain the WhatsApp Aero Apk.

When the file is already download. You will find it in the download folder of your mobile phone. Where you will click on the application icon, and the installation will automatically start.

Once it is install, open the application and continue with the data configuration. You must allow WhatsApp Aero to access your photos and press the “accept and continue” button.

In the next panel that will appear. You must add the phone number, and then it will ask to verify it using a catch. Before finishing this step, you will do the following:

  • Enter your file explorer.
  • Select internal storage.
  • Find the WhatsApp folder and select it.
  • From among the folders that appear, select and copy the folder called DataBase. Which is the one that contains the backup.
  • You go back to internal storage, and here create a new folder where you will paste that backup.

WhatsApp Aero APK File Info:

App Name

WhatsApp Aero




52.3 MB


4.0+ for Android

Last Update

3 Dec 2021

After all these steps, we return to the WhatsApp Aero application, verify the code sent, and continue giving the requested permissions.

Following this, the notice that your backup has been found will appear on your screen, and we press the “RESTORE” button so that all the information from the previous WhatsApp is synchronize to the new one.

Once the restoration process is finish, you enter the name you will use in the app. Finally, you will have WhatsApp Aero installed for free.

Whatsapp Aero 2022 Apk in Details (or WhatsAero)

Hidden Information

Whatsapp Aero allows its users to hide their activity information such as last viewed, online, viewed status, “typing” or “audio recording,” and many others.

Offline Monitoring

This function allows you to access your profile on Whatsapp Aero without entering the application.

Hidden Media

With this feature, you can hide your media from the gallery so that it only appears in the conversation window.

Anti-Message Deletion

The application offers its users the feature that it is not deleted for them even if your contact deletes the sent message. They will continue to see notes even if everyone is delete.

Anti-Status Deletion

Similar to the previous function, you can view status even after it is deleted by the contact who shared it.


Whatsapp Aero features over 3000 themes in its library and lets you customize the app.


The application is available in several languages ​​Turkish, English, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, German, Italian, Indonesian, among others.


WhatsAero also has a library of emojis so you can access and choose the ones you prefer.


The app also allows its users to see who has been online, changed their profile picture, or performed any activity within Whatsapp.

Large File Upload

With this feature, you can upload videos up to 700MB and photos up to 50MB in size.

Password Lock

Whatsapp Aero also offers its users the possibility of applying passwords to each of their conversations without needing to be the same for all chats, but the user can establish different locks to the discussions of their choice.

Customer Support

The app has support to send your questions or suggestions to their WhatsApp number or Telegram group.


WhatsAero also gives its users the security that they will not be banned from Whatsapp, even if it is an unofficial app.

Fast Performance

This is currently the quickest and most efficient MOD among the existing ones, which is why it has been gaining its space among Whatsapp versions.

Blue Tick and Second Tick Hidden

Whatsapp Aero also allows its users to hide the blue and confirmation of receipt of the message. So even if it has reached you, your contact will see it as if you had no network signal.


The app also has a backup function to save all your conversations carried out within the app. It makes it stand out among many MOD’s as many don’t allow you to backup.

Hidden Forwarding

With this feature, you’ll be able to forward messages received usually, without the “forwarded” tag appearing at the time of resending.

Hidden Date and Time

The Official Whatsapp shows the date and time sent when you copy a message. With Whatsapp Aero, you don’t need to worry about this because you can activate the function. That hides the date and time so that. When copying, only the desired text will appear.

How to update WhatsApp Aero?

If you already have this mod, but you want to update WhatsApp Aero in its new version 2022. The first thing you should do is make a backup copy from the application. Then delete the application from your mobile phone.

After completing these steps, you must download the file found in the link, the latest version of WhatsApp Aero.

Once the file has been downloaded, you go to the download folder and press the WhatsApp Aero file that you just downloaded, so the installation will automatically begin.

The number continues to be add, and the backup is synchronize. And in this way, the application update will be installed.

Finally, you enter the settings and then the option “permissions”, and from here. You will activate all the permissions that the WhatsApp Aero app requests to access the use of camera, microphone, contacts, calls and location.

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