Fouad WhatsApp Download v9.11 Latest Update [2022]

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WhatsApp, one of the preferred and most used tools worldwide to communicate with people around the world. However, with the new update of the system and the agreement of new terms of use and privacy policies, its credibility has been considerably reduced. That is why FOUAD WHATSAPP has arrived.

In a world where quality is paramount, this application has made a name for itself and has been boosted enormously since mid-May of this year. Thus providing users with a new face of the computer system that many cannot easily observe.


Computer application developers worldwide have created endless software to add additional features and functions to the WhatsApp database. Remember that it is FOUAD WHATSAPP APK, so consequently, there are no recent updates to this application for mobile devices.

The use of systems of this type is not allowed by the courier services company itself. However, despite being persecuted, they make life with it. FOUAD WHATSAPP, in other words, goes against the terms of use and service offered by the original application so that you can use it at your own risk.

Today the technology is so advanced that the program can detect a modified application. It does not mean that the user will be banned, but that possibility cannot be ruled out, as they violate all the agreements stipulated by the company.

FOUAD WHATSAPP is an excellent quality MOD available for any Android device. It has many similarities with the original base but includes more functionality, styles, and designs. If a comparison is made with the other modified apps, this one has more prestige in protecting privacy.

Most outstanding features

  • FOUAD WHATSAPP FOR ANDROID has various themes available to all users to customize the program’s interface.
  • Not only Can modify the interface but also the text and the way of displaying them can be chang.
  • The text of your statuses cannot be trimm. It will now be increas to a maximum length of 250 characters.
  • Also, if you have two mobile lines, you can use them simultaneously on the same device without complications.
  • In FOUAD WHATSAPP, you will also have different packages of labels and expressions available to your mobile device to share with friends in text.
  • You can hide the notifications! If you find them annoying or want to be personally invad, this option will always remain open.
  • You will be able to accept files and files of any format easily and quickly with a weight of up to 50MB.
  • The videos, which have become so tedious to share, will have accessibility to be sent to those with a weight that does not exceed 1GB.
  • The photos you originally captured will not lose their quality when sent by this means, much less will they be compress.
  • You can finally block specific chats! Your conversations will be protected from any stranger who wants to snoop on them.
  • At the same time, you can hide that you are online from certain contacts, and you will have an intuitive tool to protect your privacy hard.

How to download and install the application

To DOWNLOAD FOUAD WHATSAPP FREE, you don’t need to go around a lot. But remember, being an APK, it will not be available to the public within the PlayStore, because the violation of rights is abysmal.

The developer of the modified application makes sure that it is constitut to avoid being ban by the company. So, you can rest easy about the possibilities of downloading it. You have to press the “Download” button, and in a few seconds, you Will do it.

You have to be attentive to the folder you choose to store the file. Once the process is finish, go to Settings and immediately look for the Security section. Once inside, activate the option and allow you to install applications from unknown sources. Without doing so, you will not be able to advance from that step, so remember it.

Then find the downloaded file of FOUAD WHATSAPP FOR ANDROID, select it and press install, and that’s it. Once inside the program, you will notice at a glance the great number of functionalities and tools that it offers. So the application quality will be severely influenced by the actions you take from there.

Once you have changed the personalized display, press the “Download” option to save all the changes you have made. Then you can start it as default and add your account to link it to the device, and you will be optimizing to use it fully.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • In FOUAD WHATSAPP, you can change the background without inconvenience, much less without downloading additional programs to do so.
  • You can enable the do not disturb or airplane mode only in the application to not be distracted from the daily tasks.
  • The duration of the videos and published statuses will be totally at the user’s discretion, from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.
  • The forwarding scale is much higher. Now you can do it with up to 250 contacts simultaneously.
  • You can use two WhatsApp accounts within the same application without impediments.
  • Privacy is more thorough and complete. No one will inquire about what you do.
  • More emoticons to use with fun.
  • Its greatest strength is the ability to share files greater than the weight allowed in the original application without inconvenience.
  • However, the application will never be in the latest version of its update. Therefore, it will have more blind spots in terms of security.
  • The possibility of bans, despite being reduc compare to other systems, remains open as the use of illegal servers abounds.
  • In addition, you do not have to envy other modified applications. The only thing that gives you an advantage is the number of tools.
  • The user has no notion of whether their data is in the hands of third parties because the information does not have a clear destination. You can think about it a couple of times.

A view of Fouad WhatsApp 2022

The app works, in general, as an add-on to the famous Facebook app. It allows you to extend the original’s capacity and eliminate the famous WhatsApp restrictions.

The possibilities are many and make the application much better in functionality and optimization. It also allows users to configure it according to what they want in various ways.

You can have the messenger exactly as you imagined, making the user more comfortable and powerful. But, don’t be convince yet. We’ve brought a lot more than he does for you to draw your conclusions.

We’ve listed some of that below. But, we seriously recommend you to download Fouad WhatsApp’s new version to be amaze by the result. We couldn’t speak highly enough of this game-changing program.

Fouad WhatsApp technical details and additional information

The application runs on the Android platform and features a very fluid operation and around experience. It means that you will not notice any changes in WhatsApp execution, such as crashes or unwanted closings.

The application uses the source code, which makes the operation very stable, and the perception is of a native program, not a compliment to an existing app.

The device’s battery and performance consumption – even those not at the top of processing – will not be modified. It means that you won’t lose hours of battery life during the day just because you now have new functions for your WhatsApp.

Therefore, we could no longer recommend installing and using Fouad WhatsApp. An easy-to-use application substantially increases the options available to users without any contraindication.

Time to try this powerful software.

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