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FMWhatsApp can be so similar and different from WhatsApp that you will wonder where the differences are? But, this version brings some secrets that will make you want to download it over the original version.

If you still don’t know it, here, you will find everything you need to know, from the way the app works, its characteristics and the installation and download process.

What is FmWhatsApp?

It is a MOD for WhatsApp. Mods are known for their excellent use in video games, where the objective is to modify certain aspects of the original game, how to add objects or customize them. In the case of WhatsApp, most mods focus on customization and security.

FMWhatsApp was developed by Fouad Mokdad (hence the initials of the mod) to offer more than what this app used by millions brings by itself. Although WhatsApp has certain limitations, you probably know that, such as not sending files larger than 100MB or hiding that you are online.

All those restrictions are forgotten with this MOD. There are no more limitations in terms of visibility or customization, design to your liking, hiding your status and much more, thanks to free FmWhatsApp.

FMWhatsApp APK

WhatsApp, the application that changed the way we communicate

We cannot imagine a world without WhatsApp. It is, without a doubt, the application that has revolutionized the way we communicate. We have become used to enjoying complimentary instant messages and free calls.

Much of the success of WhatsApp is due to the simplicity of the interface and limited configuration possibilities it offers. However, the truth is that its strength is, at the same time, its weakness. It has certain limitations in terms of privacy and the customization possibilities it allows.

Thus, many similar apps have emerged that seek to gain a foothold in the market by offering higher levels of privacy to their users. Not all of them have done equally well. Some of the most successful are Telegram, Signal, Riot.IM or Threema.

At the same time, different unofficial WhatsApp modifications have also appeared that expand the possibilities of the original version. It is the case, apps like WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp or FMWhatsApp, the application that we will talk about today.

FMWhatsApp APK, one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp

FMWhatsApp is a WhatsApp modification developed by Fouad Mokdad. It allows you to improve the privacy and security of the official app and offers multiple customization options.

In addition, it is entirely free, so you can download FMWhatsApp, install it and use it at no cost.




Nov 9, 2021

Compatible with

Android 4.4+

Last version



50.6 MB






Fouad Mokdad



What are the main improvements that FMWhatsApp offers?

Among the many improvements that FMWhatsApp offers, the following stand out:

  • Allows you to customize the application interface with a wide variety of themes that you can download. Over 4,000 different designs are available.
  • Increase the maximum length of the state up to 250 characters.
  • Allows you to copy the statuses of your contacts.
  • Add new styles of tics, with more than 30 options available.
  • You Allow using two WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile phone.
  • Allows you to hide notifications, such as the double tick and the double blue tick.
  • Allows you to transfer files of all kinds, the maximum limit being 50 MB.
  • Extending the total size of the videos allowed up to 1 GB, improving the 32 MB of WhatsApp.
  • Allows you to send photos without losing quality since it does not compress them.
  • It will enable the protection of each of the conversations of a particular form using a password. Thus, no one can read your messages without your permission.
  • Allows you to hide the connection status from the different contacts.
  • Allows you to hide the time of the last connection.
  • It comes with a widget to manage some privacy options.

What are the main advantages of using FMWhatsApp?

First of all, you will be able to personalize your messaging application with a wide variety of themes. No more boring green WhatsApp theme! In addition, it allows you to change the icon of the app. And you can even customize the colour of the different groups.

You will also enjoy a higher level of privacy. Thus, you will choose if you want someone to know when your last connection was. Or if you have received a message or a voice note. Or whether or not you are connected.

And it has options to improve the security of your communications, such as the possibility of protecting your conversations with a password.

On the other hand, it also increases the size limits of the files and videos you can send. In addition, it allows you to send broadcast messages to more than 500 people simultaneously. And more than 60 images simultaneously.

Features FMWhatsApp WhatsApp
Hide Online Status X
Media Sharing 50 MB 15 MB
Custom Themes X
Anti-Delete Status/Stories X
Free Last Seen X
DND Mode X
Airplane Mode X
Security Lock X
Disable Forwarded Tag X
Disable Calling X
Backup to Google Drive X
Fast Updates X

What are the disadvantages of using FMWhatsApp?

Using an unofficial version always has certain disadvantages. FMWhatsApp is no stranger to it. Thus, it works a bit slower than the original version. In addition, it is possible that you may have privacy problems and that the mod developer can access the messages you send through the app.

What are the differences between FMWhatsApp APK and other mods?

FMWhatsApp is not very different from other mods like GBWhatsApp, Fouad Whatsapp. The interface is quite similar. The main difference lies in the design of the options menu.

The functions that allow both apps to be carried out are practically the same. In addition, both will enable you to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device. Something similar happens with the privacy and security options.

If we compare FMWhatsApp with WhatsApp Plus, we reach the same conclusion. These two applications have the same functions and a very similar interface. The only notable differences are reduced to purely aesthetic issues.

In short, these are three very similar applications, and they only present slight differences at the aesthetic level and in the organization of the different option menus. Therefore, you can opt for any of the three.

Is it safe to download FMWhatsApp for Android?

Since it is an unofficial mod, it is impossible to download FMWhatsApp through the official Google store. However, don’t worry. FMWhatsApp is a safe and virus-free application. In addition, the developer ensures that there is no risk of being banned by WhatsApp for using an unofficial modification.

Of course, it is essential that you download it from a secure source since the app can be reliable but not the source from which you download it. Therefore, it is imperative that you always download applications from trusted websites like ours.

Download FMwhatsapp APK Latest Version 2022 – Official Page

Do you want to enjoy all the functions offered by this significant WhatsApp modification completely free? Well, think no more. You have to download the latest version of FMWhatsApp APK and install it on your device.

Once you have installed FMWhatsApp APK on your Android mobile, you will be able to customize the appearance of your application and modify different privacy options.

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